4 Different Types of Slot Tournaments- A Source of Earning Money

Slot tournaments are becoming popular among the players these days. Players like to place bets on the various tournaments that are organized all over the world. Although the basic themes of all the tournaments are the same, the players’ winning chances will depend on the combination displayed on the pay line.

There are mainly two essential features that apply to these tournaments offered by the various platforms like situs slot resmi. These features will help the player play for a longer time and increase the chances of winning the match.

  • The first feature is the add-on that allows the players to play the game even if the time has elapsed. This is the feature that helps the players in improving their overall scoring.
  • Another feature is the ruby that provides the players an option to try again. In case the player cannot get the prize in the given time. Then he can use the ruby option and start with the tournament again.

There is not just a single type of tournament that is organized. But there are varieties of options available about which we will discuss in detail:


Freerolls are the one that costs nothing to the players. The players have the complete freedom to play the tournaments for free. On average, the game time is 5 to 7 minutes.

The players will have to accumulate as many credits as possible in this period. The more credit the players win, the higher the payout they will get.


This is a tournament that is the knockout competition. Survivor includes three rounds in common. All the rounds are known to be of 5 minutes. The three rounds contain different rules and regulations for playing the game.

  • The players will, first of all, take part in round 1, and then the top 50% of the players will move forward to round 2.
  • At the end of round 2, only 10% of the players will be eligible to move forward to round 3.
  • In last, the 10 people after round 3 will be the survivors.


This is the kind of tournament that is advertised in advance only. The scheduled tournament is the one that is known to have a defined starting and the ending period. These are prominent kinds of tournaments that are further of two types:

  • The first type is the one in which the player’s winning amount is already decided, no matter how they enter the tournament.
  • Another option is in which the player’s winning amount will depend on their involvement in the game.


In the case of the reloader, the players have the option to rebuy to continue with the game. In this tournament, the player will have to pay the fees for the 5 minutes. On average, reloader is played for 1 hour. After completing the 5 minutes, the players can start with the further game by paying an additional sum.

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